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365shortstories's Journal

A Story A Day Keeps Boredom Away
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Chat about short stories.
I put this community together because I want to attempt to read a short story each day for all of 2008. Community members are welcome to join me in the attempt, or to choose another arbitrary number of stories to read.

There's no limit on story length (want to count a novella? sure!), story genre (except that I'm going to ask people not to review porn stories since we may have underage participants; I've set the community to "no adult content"), or the number of stories you read in one day or include in a single post. It doesn't matter if it's a story you've read a hundred times before -- if it was a short story, and you read it this year, it counts (even if you can recite it blind-folded).

All I ask in each post is the title of the short story, the author, and the source (if a magazine, the magazine's name and the date of the issue; if an anthology, the anthology's title and editor and any other publication data you want to share; if on-line, some kind of hint as to where to find it). And, of course, some short thoughts on the story itself -- this can be one sentence or a paragraph, but let's try to refrain from spoiling the ending or writing a review as long as the story itself.

I'm not going to moderate posts at the outset. I may change my mind if I see a lot of off-topic posts going up.