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The next batch 3-27 are from the anthology Dinosaur Fantastic edited by Martin Greenberg and Mike Resnick

3. "Just Like Old Times" by Robert J. Sawyer
A serial killer is sentenced to a form of euthanasia where a person's mind is transposed into the mind of someone from the past-- theoretically one should only be able to observe and not affect the mind they are transposed on and will die when the person whose mind they are in die. The serial killer chooses to live out the end of his life in the mind of a T-Rex but discovers he can exert control over such a feeble-minded creature. Very good story, I really liked it.

4. "Disquisitions on the Dinosaurs" by Roberty Sheckley
Funny, spoofy alternate history where scientists of the future decide to bring dinosaurs into Rome at the time that Nero was emperor.

5. "Dino Trend" by Pat Cadigan
With the use of nanotechnology the two main characters use dino cream to become dinosaurs in body. Okay story

6. "The Greatest Dying" by Frank M. Robinson
Takes place in a museum where two men talk to a reporter about theories of exctinction and a third works in a lab to dislodge a preserved dinosaur claw from amber. The third man accidentally punctures his hand with the claw and disease begins to spread.

7. "Revenants" by Judith Tarr
Set in the future, a mother takes her 4-year old daughter for a visit to the Revenants petting zoo. Eh, this story wasn't so much about dinosaurs as the strange custody system in place in this society.

8. "One Giant Step" by John E. Stith
Alternate history/futuristic, kinda ^^. Evolved, intelligent, sentient dinosaurs travel millions of years back to see their own ancestors in the prehistoric age. And an interesting turn then happens when one of the time-travelling dinosaurs makes a momentous decision. I loved this story

9. "Last Rights" by Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon
Another story set in the future. GenTech creates genetically egineered dinosaurs to ship off to a zoo. Some animal rights activists with no real idea of what a dinosaur is really like decides to free them. They're pleasantly surprised to find that there's minimal security around the pens but soon discover why... Really enjoyed this one too, it uses the genetic egineering plot device and puts a new spin on it with the activists.

10. "After the Comet" by Bill Fawcett
One of the only stories in this collection actually from the point of a view of a prehistoric dinosaur. A herd of triceratops struggle to survive in the harsh conditions after the comet. Really sad story, I felt so sorry for them!

11. "Rex Tremandae Majestasis" by Kathe Koja and Barry N. Malzberg
This really didn't have much to do with dinosaurs at all but was more about a single mother's depression and how she associates it with dinosaurs-- especially since her ex works for a cartoon about dinosaurs. Didn't really like this one.

12. "The Skull's Tale" by Katharine Kerr
Another from the POV of an actual prehistoric dinosaur. Lilas Rockshaper, a carnivore, lets a trespasser safely through her land.

13. "Cutting Down Fred" by Dean Wesley Smith
A talking tree shows a man dinosaurs millions of years back-- according to this story tree roots have a long memory and can remember anything any tree in it's "family" has seen. Kind of a cool story though not really about dinosaurs.

14. "Shadow of a Change" by Michelle M. Sagara
About a women who wakes up to find herself changing in strange ways. Decent though mostly a mediocre story.

15. "Wise One's Tale" by Josepha Sherman
About an old pteradactyl (I think.. they call themselves Winged Hunters so I assumed) who tells young winglings the tale of how one of their ancestors, Quick Trickster, won their species their wings. Loved this story, it had a very folkloric feel to it so it was right up my alley.

16. "Curren's Song" by Laura Resnick
This had sort of a mythical feel too. About a boy in sixth century Scotland and the monsters in the loch. Really enjoyed this story.

17. "Whilst Slept the Sauropod" by Nicholas A. DiChario
My favorite story of the collection I think. About a small secluded town on an island that discovers that a mountain range is in fact an enormous, ancient sauropod.

18. "Rex" by David Gerrold
Kind of cool concept-- people in the future have gentically egineered "mini" dinos available as pets. A man's bratty, spoiled daughter and wife let a pet T-Rex get too big and out of hand but insist on keeping it anyway

19. "The Pangaean Principle" by Jack Nimershein
A scientist is about to realize his dream of seeing real life dinosaurs when he's selected to isolate DNA from preserved bone samples. He becomes obsessed and overworked until his 17 year old daughter helps him regain perspective.

20. "On Tiptoe" by Beth Meacham
A friend visits another friend in modern New York City and insists that the anomalies in her photos-- blurs and such-- are in fact outlines of chameleon like dinosaurs creeping around the city.

21. "Betrayal" by Susan Casper
Rather reminded me of Shel Silverstein's 'The Giving Tree'. A boy discovers a mosasaur living in an isolated cave and promises to keep her a secret forever. Over the years the boy goes to the cave whenever he needs to get away from it all and grows into adulthood without ever revealing the secret. Then he falls on hard times and sells pictures he takes of the mosasaur and regrets the life he has sentenced his long time friend to. Very sad story, I nearly cried!

22. " 'Saur Spot" by Kevin O'Donnell Jr.
Another story featuring mini-dinos as pets. A man convinces his wife to let him get one to take care of the roaches in their apartment and he is overjoyed to finally have one. However his wife changes her mind when she sees how ugly it is but eventually comes around. Cute story

23."Pteri" by Lea Hernandez
A witch recounts how she came to have a pterodactyl as a familiar

24. "Chameleon" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
A little girl, who is also a witch, is constantly picked on for being different. She seeks refuge one day in a room full of reconstructed dinosaurs to think things over. Decent

25. "Fellow Passengers" by Barbara Delaplace
From the POV of a tabloid journalist who is first on the scene when some ranchers' cattle begin being attacked by a strange creature. Soon it's discovered that it is a living Deinonychus prowling about and it is eventually captured by a zoo. Of course issues are raised about whether it's better to free the animal or keep it in a pen as it's too dangerous to just let running loose. Eventually thes story reflects sadly on the creature, which is a social dinosaur, being the last of it's kind. Another of the collection's highlights.

26. "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Dinosaur" by Gregory Feeley
Thirteen mini essays and fictions exploring different ways dinosaurs have hold on modern culture

27. "Evolving Conspiracy" Roger MacBride Allen
Very unique story! A man gets a visit from a friend who can find a conspiracy in almost anything and has hit upon the big one this time-- how God and the Cubans are in together on a big dinosaur conspiracy! Entertaining and unlike anything else in this collection


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Feb. 8th, 2008 04:48 am (UTC)
Quite the list! You're definitely even with me now. What anthology is this again? I might want to look it up.
Feb. 8th, 2008 02:20 pm (UTC)
Dinosaur Fantastic edited by Martin Greenberg and Mike Resnick-- sorry, I thought I put on a preamble stating the name of the anthology!
Feb. 8th, 2008 02:32 pm (UTC)
No worries. I'll add it to the "look for it" list. Sounds like a fun anthology.
Feb. 8th, 2008 02:49 pm (UTC)
There's a whole series of these "Fantastic" anthologies too-- I have "Warrior Fantastic" and "Wizard Fantastic" sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read and I'm hunting for all the other ones :)
Feb. 8th, 2008 02:51 pm (UTC)
I seem to remember Cat Fantastic way back when. Never bought it, but remember seeing it.
Feb. 8th, 2008 07:33 am (UTC)
I'd like the title of the anthology too please... it sounds great!
Feb. 8th, 2008 02:20 pm (UTC)
Dinosaur Fantastic edited by Martin Greenberg and Mike Resnick
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