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2011 Stories 128 - 195

The following stories were read for books I was paid to review for ICARUS magazine, and thus I'm going to list them but not comment:

From BLOOD SACRAMENTS: Gay Vampire Erotica: (edited by Todd Gregory)

128. Black Sambuca by Jeff Mann
129. Kells by Jay Lygon
130. Bloodletting by Todd Gregory
131. Agapios Island by S.A. Garcia
132. Three by 'Nathan Burgoine
133. Under the Full Moon by Charles P. Tautvid
134. Never Forever by Rob Rosen
135. The Celtic Confessional by Davem Verne
136. Long in the Tooth by Nathan Sims
137. The Provider by Kyle Stone
138. The Bone Box by Joseph Baneth Allen
139. Century of Longing by Damien Serbu
140. Out of Light and Into the Night by Wayne Mansfield
141. The Morning After by Lawrence Schimel
142. Possession: A Priest's Tale by Max Reynolds
143. Willing by Xan West
144. Beauty, Blood-Deep by Shephard Summers
145. Sex on the Beach by F.A. Pollard
146. Five Gay Vampire Shows That Were Never Green-Lit by Steve Berman

And from THE VAMPIRE BRIDEGROOM: Poems and Tales, all written by Chad Helder:

147. In The Packed Lecture Hall
148. The Vampire Bridegroom
149. Like Bats from Caverns
150. Car Crash Detectives
152. The Playground
153. The Junior Van Helsing Society
154. Feeding Frenzy
155. Sweet Midnight
156. Bloody Mary
157. Hansel and Gretel
158. Beneath
159. Transformation
160. The Antichrist
161. Robin's Darkness
162. The Doctors Tried to Remove My Vampire Essence
163. Fear of Spiders
164. Up from the Unconscious
165. Wolfish Trigger
166. Werewolf
167. Chilblain
168. The Master Blob
169. The Queer Shadow Gods
170. Dirty Old Peter the Scab-Eater
171. The Apes
172. The Black Log
173. Orok the Neanderthal
174. Hive Head
175. Frozen Moments
176. During The Night
177. My Queer Horror
178. The Gory Boy
179. Waterbed Wonderland
180. Freddy is a Screaming Queer Shadow Figure
181. Lumber
182. Here in the Haunted House of my Head
183. Zombie Horde
184. Under the Ice
185. Johnny the Tarsier
186. Ooze Suck Digest
187. My Paper Boy is A Vampire
188. Housewife
189. The Phantom Hitchiker
190. A Father's Gift
191. Marshmallow People
192. Victor and the Snow Hag
193. The Magic Dog Leash & The Mad Snake Bomber
194. Dracula in the Corn
195. Why the Closet is Like A Vampire's Grave


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