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Three stories

Okay, since I started this thing, I suppose I should go first.  My first three stories of the year have been:

1. Outage by John Updike from the 01/07/08 issue of The New Yorker.  I have to say, I'm not a huge John Updike fan (maybe I was forced to read "A&P" too many times in high school), and this one kind of left me cold.  It takes place in a sort of "mcmansion" type new community development during a power outage (imagine that) and I found that I just didn't like or care about either of the focal characters.

2. Wasps by A.L. Kennedy from the 07/30/07 issue of The New Yorker (yeah, I really am THAT far behind on my TNY reading!).  This one focuses on an emotional storm: a mother and her sons deal in their varied ways with the man of the family leaving once again.  Irish tone to the characters' names and voices, and told from the mother's POV.  It's a tight little story.

3. Mythology by Jake Black from the May/June 2007 issue of Smallville magazine (#20).  Smallville started running prose short stories that supposedly fill in the gaps between episodes of the television series.  This one name-drops a lot of secondary characters from the show's fifth season (Genevieve and Jason Teague, the witch Isobel, Lionel Luthor, Morgan Edge, Virgil Swann and Bridget Crosby, and others) while trying to make sense of why a human witch would be interested in ancient Kryptonian power stones.  Perhaps if this material had been working into the actual episodes, that season's arc would have made more sense.  The story itself is disjointed and Black's style is better suited to episode outlines than to actual short stories.

There you go -- first actual entry.  Can't wait to see what other people post!


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