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Still Open For Business

Hello All!

Yes, although I've been ridiculously quiet of late, this community is still open!

I meant to do something of a 2009 wrap-up post, but have not managed to do such and we're now half-way into January.  I haven't managed any kind of year-end posts on my personal LJ either, although I keep making noise about it.

My personal goal for 2010 remains unchanged: 365 short stories.  I've read 4 so far (one is actually a long-ish Stephen King poem, but it feels like a short story) and should get those thoughts up here soon.

I did read / listen to a lot of Stephen King this year, and that will probably continue into 2010 simply because the next audiobook on my shelf is his recent Just After Sunset collection.  I have the book in hardcover, as well, but I find short stories so much easier to listen to on road-trips for work than novels seem to be.  After JAS, I will have read or re-read / listened to almost every King short story collection; only Everything's Eventual remains unread (although I did listen to 4 of the stories on cd this past fall), and Skeleton Crew would need to be reread. The Anal-Retentive Completionist in me is saying that I need to follow up on that by reading / rereading the novella collections next -- Different Seasons (most of which I've read several times) and Four Past Midnight (or which I've read The Sun Dog but not the other three).

I'm also having an urge to finally read all of the original Sherlock Holmes short stories. 

I also want to challenge myself to read more essays/articles, although I'm not setting a 365 articles goal.  I plan to post about those here too, just to keep track of them for myself.

I have a couple of months work of 2009 New Yorker stories to catch up on, and of course the various The Best American anthologies for last year.

A never-ending list to read ....

So of course I've also found two more places to get short stories.

I'm a subscriber to The Library of America (nice, not-too-expensive, hardcover editions of classic American fiction and non-fiction), and they have recently started their free Story of the Week service.  You do have to give them your email address, I believe. They have two stories up so far (an F. Scott Fitzgerald, which I've read, and a gothic story I have not yet gotten to) and they plan to post a new one every Monday.

The other source you have to pay for. I got a random "get two issues free" postcard in the mail earlier this week for One Story magazine.  The conceit is, it really is just one story -- a magazine that can easily fit in your back pocket.  Of course I subscribed.  (I have print subscriptions to The New Yorker, Tin House, Glimmer Train Stories and now One Story; I probably pick up another 5 story magazines in the bookstores [mostly the genre ones like Cemetary Dance, Realms of Fantasy, and The Strand].)


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