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some more.t

 I read these quite some time ago. All from Room: A Space of Your Own, Growing Room Collective, Vol. 32.2, 2009

The theme of this issue is Speculations. It is full on sci-fi for my tastes. It features an interview with Urusla K. Le Guin.

95."Ever Poppy"- Frances Boyle 
Odd and sad. Poppy kept out of life as an experiment. Her caregiver just can't abide it.
96. " Marjory's Garden" - Patricia Monaghan
That is one way to punish a guy.
97 "Miss Moneypenny Pleads the Fifth"- Kimmy Beach
A little fluffy piece trying to be sexy and tough. Failed miserably.
98. "Fairy Shoes"- Ayelet Tsabari
Divorce and shoes
99. "Sending Alice to the Moon"- Andrea Johnston
Finally a short story that has begun to save this issue. A young girl, her cartoon drawing dreams of a female super hero and a discovery under the bed of her Mom and Step Dad. It is hilarious and valiant all at once. Alice, be free.

Keeping up appearances.

If you are interested in this volume when I am done I would send it to you talekyn  , since you are more to this type of material.[Unknown LJ tag]


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Oct. 13th, 2009 02:43 pm (UTC)
That would be awesome. Something about that "Sending Alice to the Moon" story sounds familiar, although I can't imagine where I would have read it.

I do like my sci-fi collections, although I try to keep my short story reading varied as I do my novel reading.

Did you see the article about the woman who is reading a novel a day for a whole year? She's a wife and mother and doesn't seem to be working full time any more -- but just being an active parent would, I think, suck up enough time to make it difficult to read a full book in a day. The piece I read said she's reading books that are 200-300 pages long rather than weightier tomes, but still. I thought 365 short stories was ambitious.
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