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the remainder from

 The Penguin Book of Contemporary Canadian Women's Short Stories, ed. Lisa Moore, Penguin Group, Toronto, 2009.

86. "Sister Crazy"- Emma Richler
This is a writer I have never heard of let alone read. This story had me trying to figure out if the sister that was crazy was the narrator or the sister that was clearly doing remote and crazy things. 

87." Traplines"- Eden Robinson
I met Eden not that many weeks ago. She was the writer who gave a workshop at the Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival. The workshop was on 'character'. She was exactly like I had expected her to be. She also happens to have written a novel <i> Monkey Beach </i> which is in the top three books I have ever read. So she graciously signed a couple of her books for moi. This story is from her first published collection of short stories. Good read.

88. "Chemistry"- Carol Shields
Another of our brilliant Canadian writers of short stories and novels. This short story is perfection. Her cast of characters are many but they all have the deserved time on the page. I so know this experience.

89." Four Days from Oregon"- Madeleine Thien 
I have discovered this writer through the challenge of this community last year. Oh the complicated anguish of a family torn apart and left to wonder what if.

90. " Italian Postcards "-Jane Urquhart 
A stellar piece of poetic drenched writing of a Canadian woman in Italy piecing together her imagination filled illness fueled youth. If you want to read a piece of prose written with a deeply poetic heart read her novel <i> The Whirlpool </i>.

91. The Back of the Bear's Mouth"- Alissa York.
A new writer to my eyes. When someone tells you what they are -you had best believe them. Escape from the frying pan into the fire is the fate of the gal in this story of settling for less.

Here ends that source of ss must scour the shelves upstairs and begin a new collection.


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Aug. 7th, 2009 01:48 am (UTC)
Um. I don't mean to be THIS rude, but I've gotta say something.

I found myself reading your sentences over and over trying to figure out exactly what you were trying to say. It actually made my brows furrow so deep I thought my face might collapse, and my head began to pound.
Aug. 7th, 2009 05:08 am (UTC)
I am sure it is not
the titles and the names of the writers that furrowed your brow.

The sentences are just snippets of what the stories are about and my impressions of same.

May you find a good facial reconstruction specialist.

Aug. 7th, 2009 06:01 am (UTC)
I definitely need to read more Canadian writers.

Of course, I have a long list of things "I definitely need to read more of," and it never seems to get any shorter or less varied.
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