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2009 Stories 179-181

These are the other three novellas from the anthology Mean Streets, which also featured a Harry Dresden novella that I reviewed several entries ago.

179.  The Difference A Day Makes by Simon R. Green.  This was my introduction to supernatural Private Eye John Taylor and The Nightside, a section of London where it is always 3am and anything goes.  I can't say the story / setting particularly interested me.  At first, I was comparing Taylor to Harry Dresden because their abilities seemed to work similarly.  The story just became predictable, and didn't make me want to run out and find the Nightside novels.  Things were hinted at, but there didn't seem to be any major series spoilers that I could tell.

180. The Third Death of the Little Clay Dog by Kat Richardson.  This was my introduction to the world of Harper Blaine, the Greywalker.  Blaine died and was resuscitated, and came back with the ability to see/hear/interact-with ghosts.  This story is a fairly light adventure, and as far as I can tell there were no major series spoilers.  I like the character of Harper, and although the idea of "woman who sees ghosts" has been overdone on TV, I'm interested in reading at least the first book in this series someday.

181. Noah's Orphans by Thomas Sniegoski.  And this was my introduction to the world of Remy Chandler, the former angel Remiel, who has taken to living on Earth and suppressing his angelic nature in order to take a wife.  This takes place in between the two existing Chandler novels and does seem to give away a bit of the ending of the first book.  That didn't bother me because I'm intrigued by Chandler and his world.  I'm curious as to whether Remy is actually a fallen angel -- he doesn't seem to have been on the "wrong" side of the War in Heaven but seems to have chosen to leave of his own accord afterwards.


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