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Some tales I have read and an apology

 From the fantastic writer that is Bharati MUKHERJEE. Her collection entitled The Middleman and Other Stories. Penguin Books, Canada, 1988.
53."The Middleman"
A story lush with humidity.
54. "A Wife's Story"
Very NY but with a vision of how an immigrant woman starts to immerse and it all goes for shit when he husband arrives and she gets reeled back in.
55." Loose Ends"
Trailer park and low life criminality.
56. "Orbiting"
Thanksgiving dinner can bring together families and pull them apart like legs off a turkey.
57. "Fighting for the Rebound"
A man and his flow through women. 
58. "The Tenant"
A woman from academia arrives into town. Her present and her history can't help but get all wrapped up again.
59. "Fathering"
A bit like "The Sum of Beth" where the daughter and the father steal away from the women who judge them.
60. "Jasmine"
A woman finds her own slice of happiness in her menial life.
61. "Danny's Girls"
A thug of kind and an underling who comes to see the real truth of what he thought was harmless.
62. " Buried Lives"
A protest turns violent (don't so many?) and a man finds him on the lam and just when it looks like he will be arrested a woman saves his life or does she?
63. "The Management of Grief"
This story blew my mind. The story has its roots in the Air India crash. It is the last paragraph that charts the readers brain going in all directions. 

This entire collection is worth a read. It was one of those books that had me just bowled over with the writer's gift of characterization of men, of women and of many locations around the globe. I have to see what this woman has written since 2001. Her take would be worth reading.


I was looking over some of my post from last years challenge. There were a couple of times I failed to put the author's name. Writers deserve credit. My sincere apology also to readers of this community if they are trying to find the short story and can't because the information is not there. OOOOOOOOOPS!



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Jul. 2nd, 2009 02:32 am (UTC)
Now I have a better sense of why you recommended this book to me. I'm going to have to pick it up. I know I saw it at a couple of different bookstores.
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