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Back again

 111. "Nadeshda Pavlovna" Russia and the old world of the ruling tsarists, the elite and the wealthy are suffering. It is what the revolutionaries want. What they don't see is that the pre existing lower class are still  suffering. At any time one man who works for the revolution that is squeezing the rich for every pencil stub will soon be one of the poorest. (Perhaps there is always a threat?) Rather painful to read actually. Not exactly sure where this fits in relation to the other stories in his collection.

112. "The Mean" This Boyko can write anything. This had me thinking he had been eavesdropping into segments of my life. A young girl ( I use to be one of those), her friend figure prominently in the story. I laughed. And I laughed some more. Reasoning. It is funny how we do this. (perhaps the previous story is linked merely with the word elitist .

Both of these of from Blackouts by Chris Boyko. I gave the info on the text when I first start making reference to it in my entries back around 100;.

I have done a little more exploring in my copy of The Penguin Book of Canadian Short Stories.

113. "Tapka" - David Bezmozgis. A story about a group of immigrants who are tightly held together with the very little each of them has in their new world. The young kids are growing attached to the dog of one childless couple. Towards the end childish behavior results in the world to come crashing down around them all in relation to the dog.

14. "The Case"- Vincent Lam. A young doctor in training is called upon my extended family members to care for his grandfather who is dying. Old bits of Eastern medicine and limited bits of Western medicine factor in but the real story I felt was the will to die with the cards in your own hand and in your way. I enjoyed the story for the colourful history of the grandfather and the patient grandson. Yes this is the same Vincent Lam who won the G.G. a couple of years ago for his debut novel, Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures.
Maybe I am back on the train to reading short stories again...time will tell.



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Sep. 1st, 2008 04:13 am (UTC)
I am SO far behind on posting here. I have pretty much a whole anthology to write about. I have done precious little reading the past month.

Thanks for sharing these thoughts. Several of those stories sound interesting!
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