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short stories read count as long as Chanter MacBagpipe will let me. Cats don't do anything for Windows!!

92. "Dancing" Neil Bissoondath
It is the story of a departure and an arrival of the same person to states of being. It is when the tunnel is narrow and your view opens up and scares the living begeebees out of you and in the end you will learn the tunnel was made narrow by co-conspirators that always seems to separate people. I think I have a novel by the author of this piece.

93. Ajax la-bas" Yeshim Ternar
The story of a student who cleans to make money to get a better education. As I read this I thought of all those people who are too lucky. Parents pay their way to post secondary education and the kids complain about how "hard it is" to study, "do all that reading" and live in the campus pub. This character is the student who deserves to have her way paid by those parents who are throwing good money after bad because their own kids feel entitled to be given a piece of parchment whether they do the work or not.

Both 92 & 93 are from Other Solitudes which I have referenced before on this LJ.

94. "Gussy and The Boss" Sam Selvon. I know I definitely have one of his early novels up on my shelf.

This is a story of how a person pulls strings of others to the wrong thing. It is a harsh reminder of takeovers, getting rich at the expense of others. I was left hoping finally the man who was to deliver the fatal blow to a man's livelihood on behalf of a cruel stupid woman would finally grow some balls and defy her by doing the right thing.

This above story is from The Penguin Book of Canadian Short Stories.


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Jun. 24th, 2008 04:29 am (UTC)
All three look interesting, but especially that last one. Thanks for continuing to share!
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