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in two hours you can read this many

73. "Mirrorings" Lucy Grealy- A sharp knife in the gut to people who put physical appearance ahead of internal feelings. A story about a woman who has spent a majority of her life avoiding mirrors. In the eyes of others we see ourselves and sometimes others don't reflect back out inner beauty. Her parents were brutal in dealing with her during her diseased youth. Compassion is what she deserved as a child in a pain inducing health crisis but instead her parents (and the medical professionals) own "suffering" (and it was minimal if it existed at all) was catered to. Now that is what I call child abuse.

74. from "Bothers and Keepers" John Edgar Wideman- a story of two brothers with very different experience of their share world.

75." Secret Ceremonies of Love and Death" Beverly Lowry-Due to my own personal work history it was interesting to read this piece about convicted criminals and people who are drawn to "their" stories. I think years away from the business means I can see this essay in a different way than to say the way I would have read it back in the late 80's. Of course now I look at the piece and shake my head at the "found" religion in prison angle. People are capable of so much horrific behavior and deadly actions. And when I say people I have to include myself.

76. "Coming Home Again" Chang-rae Lee- This essay looks at the impending death of a mother through the eyes of her adult son. It is about lost time and the decision to gain some time through a found opportunity. It is a story laced with first generation American born son and his immigrant mom. How the line between the old country and the new country through two generations. I found myself making assumptions that the writer was female because the narrator was back home caring and cooking for the parents. How sexist was that? Seriously wrong. Of course I loved this because so much of it was about food.

77. "The Undertaking" Thomas Lynch- Loved, loved, loved this essay. It was humour filled and life affirming.

78. "A Literary Pilgrim Progresses to the Past" Andre Aciman- A craft essay with loads of literary reference to Orwell. It is how as a nonfiction personal essay writers we are not ever writing about what we are writing about.

79." Music Is My Bag" Meghan Daum- as a band geek from grade 5 onward this essay made me laugh and cringe. Thoroughly enjoyable in spite of all that.

These were not from my course outline just from the text. I & Eye: Contemporary Creative Nonfiction

I read these on Monday sitting in the car rather than standing out in the rain.


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