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2016 Story 55

Second-to-last story in Clockwork Phoenix 5, edited by Mike Allen:

55. INNUMBERABLE GLIMMERING LIGHTS by Rich Larson.  Four Warm Currents is a scientist who believes the ice that covers his watery world can be broken through, that there is another world to explore on the other side. The powers-that-be in his world fund his research, but the closer he comes to success with his Drill, the more the fear and concern of the general populace threatens to destroy the project. Larson's story has a lot to say about how we approach exploration and research, and how easy it is for fear and rumor to way-lay world-changing work. Even with that big picture, the story is still about one person's attempts to reach his life goal, and how his determination affects his family (in this case, two spouses and a soon-to-be-born pod of children).  I loved the story not just for the characters but also for the wonderful non-human world-building Larson did, making not just the physicality of the characters and the history of their society threads in the story fabric, but also crafting a method of communication that is so different from the senses we use to consciously communicate.
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