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2016 Story 38

Today's story continues the run of stories from Clockwork Phoenix 5, edited by Mike Allen:

38. THE PRIME IMPORTANCE OF A HAPPY NUMBER by Sam Fleming.  This is a really cool alternate-history story where super-villains are just common-place enough for the public to accept them, and the heroes who fight them are largely introverts/hermits who do what they must but without the flamboyant code-names of their enemies, and without costumes and posturing. A new villain called The Prime wreaks magical havoc in Europe, and it's up to origami-magic-weilding Audrey and her team, including her retired mentor Kenneth, to stop the man. Their main confrontation takes place over tea. It's a super-hero vs. super-villain story with not a bit of city-destroying fight in it, and yet the confrontration is full of tension and the reader's knowledge that if this doesn't go well, cities could be destroyed and people killed.  I have no idea if there are other stories with these characters, but the character development and world-building make it feel as though there must be.
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