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2014 Stories 276 - 327

Okay, so at this point I'm facing the reality that with 4 days left in the year and company coming in just about 36 hours, I am not going to catch up on detailed short story reviews. But as I want my own entries in this community to be a complete record of what I've read each year, I'm going to use this catch-up post to bring me up to the end of the year. I didn't quite hit 365 this year, but got pretty close!

I'll bold the stories in each anthology that really stood out for me.

Lightspeed Magazine, December 2014, edited by John Joseph Adams

276. Pay Phobetor by Shale Nelson
277. Valedictorian by N.K. Jemisin
278. Wake-Rider by Vandaya Singh
279. The Lost Sepulcher of Huascar Capac by Paul Park
280. They Tell Me There Will Be No Pain by Rachael Acks
281. The Faery Coney-Catcher by Delia Sherman

282. The Drawstring Detective by Nik Houser
283. Soul Case by Nalo Hopkinson
284. A Lie You Give, And That I Take by Damien Angelica Walters
285. The Girlhood of Shakespeare's Heroines by John Crowley

Beginning With the Mirror: Ten Stories About Love, Desire and Moving Between Worlds by Peter Dube

286. Blazon
287. Tides
288. Funnel Cloud
289. Furrow
290. Egress
291. Echo
292. Needle
293. Drifts
294. Corvidae

295. Vision

Nightmare Carnival, edited by Ellen Datlow

296. Scapegoats by N. Lee Wood
297. The Firebrand by Priya Sharma
298. Work, Hook, Shoot, Rip by Nick Mamatas
299. And The Carnival Leaves Town by A.C. Wise
300. Corpse Rose by Terry Dowling
301. Last of the Fair by Joel Lane
302. A Small Part in the Pantomime by Glen Hirschberg
303. Hibbler's Minions by Jeffrey Ford
304. Swan Song and Then Some by Dennis Danvers
305. The Lion Cage by Genevieve Valentine
306. The Darkest Part by Stephen Graham Jones
307. The Popping Fields by Robert Shearman
308. Skullpocket by Nathan Ballingrud
309. The Mysteries by Livia Llewellyn
310. Screaming Elk, MT by Laird Barron

Shattered Shields edited by Jennifer Brozek and Bryan Thomas Schmidt

311. Ashes and Starlight by David Farland
312. The Fixed Stars by Seanan McGuire
313. The Keeper of Names by Larry Correia
314. The Smaller We Are by John Helfers
315. Invictus by Annie Bellet
316. Rising Above by Sarah A. Hoyt
317. A Cup of Wisdom by Joseph Zieja
318. Words of Power by Wendy N. Wagner
319. Lightweaver in Shadow by Gray Rinehart
320. Hoofsore and Weary by Cat Rambo
321. Vengeance by Robin Wayne Bailey

322. Deadfall by Nancy Fulda
323. Yael of the Strings by John R. Fultz
324. The Gleaners by Dave Gross
325. Bonded Men by James L. Sutter
326. Bone Candy by Glen Cook
327. First Blood by Elizabeth Moon


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Dec. 28th, 2014 06:40 pm (UTC)
I am impressed
with all the stuff you do over the course of the year with work travel I am impressed that you made it that close to 365. Oh so close.
Dec. 29th, 2014 03:23 am (UTC)
Re: I am impressed
I'm actually even a little bit closer -- I realized at least one story I left off accidentally, will have to write that one up in the next day or so.

Thanks for the compliment. The traveling does make it easier to read a lot. I just have to make sure I increase the number of anthologies I read in 2015 by a book or two, haha.
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